Meat Machinery

Heavy duty, hygienic size reduction machinery for fresh chilled to tempered frozen meats.

·         Cutting
·         Shredding
·         Slicing
·         Pulling
·         Dicing
·         Cubing

Of many types of red meats, game, seafood, chicken, fowl such as:

·        Raw chicken
·        Cooked chicken
·        Cooked ham
·        Manufactured meats
·        Sausage meats
·        Bacon
·        Pet-food
·        Cooked pork
·        Cooked duck
·        Squid
·        Offal
·        And many others.





Designed for precise cutting of elongated and oblong products such as sausage, chicken breast as well as products such as squid, salami, etc.
The cutting principle delivers the best quality and yield of your product to increase the shelf life and appearance.
The special designed spiral discharge chute gently decelerates the cut produce to reduce product damage.

Flat cut sizes range from 1 to 50 mm, crinkle cut, julienne, halved slices or spears are among the cut types.

Capacity is from 500 to 6000 kg per hour.
Trapped key safety system to keep all operations safe and compliant.