FAM Dorphy

FAM Dorphy

The “small giant” fruit and vegetable dicer.

The Dorphy is a compact dicer with all the advantages of an industrial dicer. Suitable for fruit and vegetables, it is capable of slicing, strip cuts or dicing.

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The FAM Dorphy is a small versatile dicer. It has the reliability and robust build of a heavy duty dicer, just in a smaller size! This machine is for you if you are looking for flexibility. It has a dice size range of 3 mm to 20 mm across a variety of products like: vegetables including potato, beet, carrot, onion, capsicum and pumpkin; and fruits such as apple, pear, strawberry, mango and pineapple.

Quick change spindles allows you to change cut size and complete different orders in a very short time period. The drive zone and product zone are completely separate. This allows you to wash down and sanitise the machine in a timely manner. Also improves hygiene levels! Lightweight cutting spindles are easy to strip down and clean. They also boast outstanding blade life. Depending on your product and what cut size you are looking to achieve, the capacity of the Dorphy is between 300 kg and 1,500 kg an hour.