FAM Lifis²

FAM Lifis²

High performance vegetable and fruit slicer.

The Lifis² is designed for slicing leafy vegetables, such as all types of lettuce. Elongated vegetables like rhubarb, leek and celery. Or if you want to slice firm round vegetables, such as cabbage heads, the Lifis² could suit your needs.


Download the specification sheet or contact us directly for more information.


The Lifis² is a vegetable slicer with a throughput of up to 9000 kg/h. You can achieve various cut sizes from 2 mm to 38 mm and even up to 80 mm for leafy vegetables. The machine can handle product up to 180 mm in diameter for firm product and up to 220 mm if you have leafy product.


Long V-shaped conveyor belts improves your product alignment and prevents produce from tumbling whilst being fed, without being crushed by a hold down belt. Both the slicing wheel and the conveyor belts have variable speed drives. Your control cabinet will have 8 pre-set options to program to your processing needs.

The curved discharge chute is specifically designed to decelerate your cut product to minimise damage. It also reduces any accumulation of product residue. Your clean down with this machine is made extremely easy and hygienic with the easy open side covers,  quick release belts, and hinged discharge chute make it easy to access every area.