FAM Tridis Dicer

FAM Tridis Dicer

The heavy-duty fruit and vegetable dicer.

The Tridis 180, 180P, 240 and 240P gives you versatility, delivering fantastic, hygienic results, ensuring bruise-free cutting on soft fruits yet still cuts hard, brittle vegetables with ease.

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> Tridis 180
> Tridis 180p 
> Tridis 240p

The Tridis 180P and 240P is modified to suit the potato chip industry with specialised infeed arrangement and a suitable for flat and crinkle cut.

If you require more capacity, up to 16,000 kg per hour, then the TRIDIS 240 is for you.

The largest capacity dicer available with all the Tridis new generation features.

The Tridis is a state-of-the-art, heavy-duty dicer. You also can choose from a wide selection of knife styles, speeds, impeller wheels with different paddle configurations to suit your desired product and cuts. Special impellers and in-feed chutes are available for larger products such as whole cabbage up to 300 mm in diameter. With your Tridis 180 dicer you can expect capacities between 1,000 kg and 6,000 kg per hour, depending on the cut size and product.

Complete separation between product zone and drive zone for maximum hygiene and ease of clean down. The variable frequency drive gives you total control to adjust the machine to suit your application.