For knife peeling root vegetables.

The Knife Peeler, peels vegetables using knives for a great look and a longer shelf life.

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Your Knife Peeler is developed to be the best knife peeler available. Designed for peeling root vegetables such as potatoes, beets and celeriac. The machine gives you the optimal result in yield, capacity, rotation and minimal peeling loss. You will have long blade life and easy knife changes. Your machine will give you a product that looks “hand-peeled”, not only making it aesthetically pleasing but giving a longer shelf life. You can adjust the knife depth for optimal peeling control.

The machine is self cleaning and made from food grade stainless steel. The product is moved through the knife drum by the auger. As the product is moved through the machine by the auger, it is peeled. The peeling process can be done with or without water. Capacity of the Knife Peeler is up to 4,000 kg per hour, depending on variables.