Onion Peeler

Onion Peeler

Summit ONION PEELER model CAOCP 3000 is suitable for topping, tailing and peeling a wide range of onion sizes.

It has the capacity to do 60-80 onions per minute. Manufactured from stainless steel quality components, with a rugged industrial build for long life and low maintenance requirements.

An operator places onions on the chain and orients them manually. The onions travel between two knives to top and tail them. These knives are adjustable to increase or decrease the amount removed. No special tools are required to make any adjustments on this machine.

Next, the topped and tailed onion continues and is slit through the skin.  The onion is discharged from the chain and onto the spiral roller bed. Here compressed air and spiral rollers combine to remove the skin from the onions as they travel down the roller bed. Clean, peeled onions exit the machine at the end of the roller bed. Tops, tails and skins are discharged via waste chutes under the machines.

Download the specification sheet here.