Sliver Remover

Sliver Remover

For grading small free flowing product.

The Sliver Remover is designed to grade a wide range of produce from 4mm to 10mm. Can be used for french fries, carrot batons, olives, cauliflower florets, berries, nuts, etc.

Download the specification sheet or contact us for more information.

Product enters the in-feed of the roller bed and travels over the rollers to the outfeed chute. The gap between the rollers is set to gradually widen from the infeed to the outfeed. Both ends can be adjusted independently of each other. Spirals welded to the rollers move the product gently down the rollers. As the gap widens, the product falls through into collection bins underneath.

Your Sliver Remover can also be made with a spray pipe over the rollers to wash off any starch build up, or any debris that may stick to the rollers. The frame can be built with up to 4 catchment bin holders for grading rejected product. Capacity is up to 2,500kg an hour.

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