SUMMIT Block Cutter

SUMMIT Block Cutter

Cheese block size reduction.

The Block Cutter is designed to reduce the size of 10kg and 20kg cheese blocks for further processing.

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The easy to operate and versatile block cutter is ideal for the manufacturer who needs to reduce the size of 10kg and 20kg cheese blocks. The Block Cutter can feed into many different brands of dicers and shredders, including FAM and URSCHEL.

The cut size is determined by the two wire harps slotted into the machine. The harps are easy to remove and change without the use of tools.

Your block cutter can be set at different speeds to suit your application and dicer.

The bigger blocks of cheese are loaded onto the infeed conveyor, the start button pushed and the system is then automatic. The tower light will flash when the conveyor needs refilling.

The lengths of the in-feed and out-feed conveyors are custom built for each customers needs.

Suitable for various types of cheese such as, cheddar and mozzarella as well as lard, copha, fat, butter etc. Capacity of your Block Cutter is 3,000kg an hour.