SUMMIT Spinner

SUMMIT Spinner

Centrifuge spinner for wet produce.

The SUMMIT Spinner is designed to spin dry produce such as all types of lettuce, cabbage, sliced onion, diced vegetables, herbs, seeds etc.

Download the specification sheet or contact us for more information.

The SUMMIT Spinner is a centrifugal spinner. The basket, with wet produce is placed into the the spinner cradle. Your spinner has a pre set run time (which you can adjust). Once the clear perspex lid is closed the spinner commences operation for the set time. The spinner will spin in one direction, then stop, and spin in the opposite direction for the set time, ensuring you have excellent results. The lid is then opened and basket removed.

Your spinner is fitted with a brake motor, so if for any reason the lid is opened mid cycle, the brake motor engages immediately and the spinner stops. Waste water leaves via an outlet at the base. The motor and electrical components are sealed in the rear of the unit. The only requirement of the operator is to lift the lid and insert and remove baskets.