Wash bath for leafy vegetables and other cut product.

The Washer is designed to thoroughly wash a range of cut leafy vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, celery etc) as well as cut herbs, potato, carrot, onion and more.

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Your SUMMIT Washer gives you the option of selecting from air wash, vortex wash , or a combination of the two. From delicate cycles for your herbs to more vigorous wash cycles for cut vegetables.


Product is fed in the infeed of the wash bath either manually or on a conveyor. The flow and agitation is easily adjusted by the valve handle on the side of your washer. The product moves through the tank and is thoroughly washed. The conveyor collects the product at the outfeed end and gently carries it under the final rinse bar (if required) and discharged over the end of the conveyor. Any remaining product is blown off the belt by an air knife.

Water consumption is dependant on the product.

Capacity of this washer is 700 kg per hour.