We are now representing a company PND (logo sent earlier) who make machinery for the fruit industry and as most equipment we sell is suitable for processing both vegetables and fruits I think we will rename this page Vegetable and fruit.

Under the title Vegetables and Fruits you suggested a blurb to help with SEO.
How does the below sound?

All types of equipment for your processing room to: –
·         wash, dry, treat, peel, cut, grade, sort, inspect, transport, elevate, core, florette etc.
for most types of produce:-
·         potato, carrot, beets, onion, sweet potato, pumpkin, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spring onion, herbs, leek, kale, capsicum, mushrooms, cucumber, zucchini, beans, tomato etc.
·         apple, pear, melon, strawberry, kiwi, orange, grapefruit, mango, pineapple etc.

as for the order of the machinery, I would prefer to have the FAM machinery first, SUMMIT machinery second, AIT machinery, PND, TENRIT and finally MARCELISSEN.
Please remove all machines that I crossed off the pages I gave you.
Below are a couple of new photos to replace crappy ones that are currently there as well as new machinery to add to the list for our new agencies.

Baton cutter

Yuran dicer

FAM TS-1D Slicer

Designed for precise cutting of elongated and oblong products such as cucumber, carrot as well as leafy products such as lettuce, celery, herbs, kale etc.
The cutting principle delivers the best quality and yield of your product to increase the shelf life and appearance.
The special designed spiral discharge chute gently decelerates the cut produce to reduce product damage.
Flat cut sizes range from 1.25 to 40 mm
Crinkle cut slices from 3.5 to 9.5 mm
And square cuts of 35 x 35 mm
Capacity is from 500 to 6000 kg per hour.
All safeties included.



One or two lane machine for floretting broccoli and cauliflower or for coring and segmenting cabbage and lettuce.
The machine can be supplied as single use or multi use.
Pre sizing is not required as the machine makes a customised cut or core depending on the size of each head which is scanned as it enters the cutting zone.
Capable of cutting up to 120 heads per minute.
Stalks or cores leave the product flow under the machine whereas cut product leaves via the outfeed conveyor.
This machine can be supplied as a stand-alone unit or integrated with bin tippers, waste removal conveyor, trim/ inspection tables etc.


Two heads are manually placed in the holders and the stalk is cut away from behind.
The cut florettes fall forward and the stalk is discharged under the machine.
Capable of processing up to 40 cuts per minute.
All stainless steel, all pneumatic, small footprint.
Simple, quick and easy to clean.
Different size holders are available for different size heads.

Conveyors and stands available to suit your production room.


Stainless steel build and adjusts to different size bin heights and widths.
The bin is loaded a floor level then is lifted up against a conveyor. The whole arrangement is tipped 180 degrees.
The bin and conveyor are slid apart slowly releasing the contents in an even and gentle flow.

The control can be via a manual hand control or can be programmed into the PLC.
Very gently, full operator control, quality components, strong hydraulic operation.



Models from 2 to 8 lane.
Stainless steel build with PLC control.
Versions include manual feed or automatic feeding options.
Capacity is 22 to 80 fruits per minute
Fruits from 60 to 110 mm diameter and the peel thickness is adjustable to suit.
Can be for ordered for peel only, peel and core, peel, core and cut into segments.
Reliable, hard-working machinery in use worldwide.
You can add more units as your process grows or add automatic feeding, discharge conveyors etc


Models from 1 to 4 lane available.
This peeler is manually fed and removes the outer peel of fruits even if the shape is a little irregular.
The machine is equipped with two inverters, one to adjust the fruit speed rotation and the other to adjust the blade speed, allowing the operator to adjust the machine for optimal peel results with minimum waste.

Stainless steel build, with safety light curtains.
Automatic discharge of fruits onto either a slide table or discharge conveyor.
Capacity is from 4 to 28 fruits per minute, fruit size from 100 to 250 mm high.
Peel thickness is adjustable.
Trim tables, waste conveyors etc. available to complete your line.


Models include 12 lane and 24 lane machines as well as models that de-calyx and cut into 2 or 4 pieces.
This innovative machine was developed to reduce manual labour and to handle each strawberry gently to prevent damage.
Stainless steel build and equipped with a conveyor belt which gentle holds the fruits for cutting.
The strawberries are aligned, the calyx removed by a specially designed knife which gently removes the calyx after which the fruit is ejected.
Capacity is from 300 to 600 fruits per minute.
Size of fruit can be 18 to 55 mm.