Heavy duty, hygienic size reduction machinery for fresh chilled to tempered frozen meats.

·         Cutting
·         Shredding
·         Slicing
·         Pulling
·         Dicing
·         Cubing

Of many types of red meats, game, seafood, chicken, fowl such as:

·        Raw chicken
·        Cooked chicken
·        Cooked ham
·        Manufactured meats
·        Sausage meats
·        Bacon
·        Pet-food
·        Cooked pork
·        Cooked duck
·        Squid
·        Offal
·        And many others.

FAM Mantis
Versatile V-belt transverse slicer.
This model will slice any firm product up to 115 mm in diameter.
Excellent for slicing of sausage meats, cooked chicken breast, squid, duck slices etc.
Cut sizes range from 0.8 to 60 mm depending on the type of meat and its tempering.
The V shaped conveyor belts align the product perfectly and prevent it from tumbling whilst being fed to the cutting wheel.
High speed, high capacity cutter, stainless steel build with all the required safeties.
Special design discharge chute gently decelerates the exiting cut product to prevent damage.
Compact colour touch screen allows for easy operation and the PLC allows the operator to store cut set-ups for easy re-call.