Industrial, hygienic, purpose designed and built machinery for:

·         Block reduction
·         Grating
·         Shredding
·         Cubing / dicing
·         Shaving
·         Powder application
·         Conveying / elevating
·         Blending
·         And more…

For many types of firm cheese including:

Mozzarella, cheddar, edam, pizzas blends, parmesan etc.

CAVECCHI grating machine
Model HP 5.5

Ideal for grating parmesan and other hard cheeses.
The block is manually fed into the feed chamber and a pneumatic ram pushes the block against a rotating grating screen.
Entirely built from stainless steel, 5.5HP self brake motor gives the machine its grunt.
Capable of a throughput of 200-300 kg per hour.
Easy and quick to clean.
Used all around the world (including Australia) in dozens of processing plants and is reknowned for it strong industrial build, safety and quality end product.

CAVECCHI Grating machine with Sieve
MODEL HP20 – CR1200

Heavy duty grater for reduction of hard cheeses.
The cheese block (or offcuts) are loaded into the feed chamber.
The pneumatic ram pushes the block against the rotating grating screen and product is discharged under the machine into a vibratory sieve.
The required grated cheese filters through the sieve to the bottom tray and is removed via the outfeed chute.
Any lumps or larger pieces are held in the top layer and discharged through a separate outfeed chute.

Entirely built from stainless steel with a 20HP self braking motor.
Capacity is 1200 – 1500 kg per hour.



Lines from 1000 to 4000 kg per hour of shredded cheese.
Hygienic design with plant safety a foremost consideration.
Summit will design, build, install and maintain your new line drawing on over 25 years experience in cheese processing rooms.
Pizza shred lines, cheddar cube lines, parmesan shave lines, parmesan grate lines, mozzarella shred lines, multipurpose lines etc.

Summit source the best available equipment worldwide and combine with local manufacture, local expertise in programming and electrical fitouts, line layout and design to ensure you new line is world class yet easy to maintain with local assistance always available.