Knife sharpening

Sharpen your profits!
Do you have URSCHEL, FINIS, FAM, KRONEN or other cutting machinery?
We can sharpen your knives to manufacturers specifications!

Sharpening a knife can be up to 75% cheaper than replacing a knife. At SUMMIT we have a dedicated team to sharpen your knives to manufacturers specifications.
Cut quality is one of the most important requirements in any food processing room. Keeping your knives sharp can save you money and time, extends shelf life and improves pack appearance.
All knives are sharpened in our factory, deburred, tip polished, washed and then packed safely for a fast return to you.
Of course if you want to replace a knife we can arrange new knives for you too! Pick-up and delivery can be arranged through us.

Improve cut quality and knife life with our expert sharpening service.

Contact our team today for a quote!